Do you know how to use your Crystals?

Do you know how to use your crystals?

This is a simple guide to get the best out of their energies..

1. Worn on the body (Pendants, Bracelets and Rings) or Close to the body (Keyrings or placed in pocket)

One way to benefit from the properties of the crystals and stones is to wear them. Often people who have no conscious knowledge of crystal healing will intuitively select crystal jewellery with stones that will have a positive healing effect for them. Choose stones appropriate for the purpose you want but always use your intuition. Crystals worn on or close to the body are often used for healing or protective purposes. these usually do effect the entire body and energy field. The particular location of the stone is also not absolutely critical in most cases. Placing the stone on or near the specific area related to the purpose of treatment is often faster and has a more focused effect, however as in any form of healing, The healing energies will go to where it is intended and to where the healing is needed. You can also direct and focus the energy from the crystal by intention. Sometimes you will feel that a stone needs to be somewhere that has no pocket or practical place to wear jewellery. Little pouches can be pinned inside clothing for fine tuned placement. The length of the chain a pendant is on will help control the strongest effect of the stone. A pendant or necklace resting at the throat chakra might have the greatest effect on areas governed by the throat chakra (for example: communication and creativity and other throat chakra issues) but will still provide energy to the entire aura and physical body. A stone worn lower down and near to or on the heart will again have a greater affect on issues and areas governed by the heart chakra, for example: matters of love and compassion. Many people feel that the stones worn on the left side have to do with receiving energies and that stones worn on the right side will primarily influence projective matters and outside issues.

2. Kept under a pillow

Keeping Crystals under the pillow whilst asleep has many advantages. Certain crystals can help with sleep problems like insomnia. They can ward off nightmares and psychic attacks. Other crystals have properties to aid in dream recall and some can assist in out of body experiences and astral travel.

3. Used in the Bath

Crystals can be used in the Bathwater or placed around the edge of the Bath Tub. This method is very effective and enjoyable. Bathing cleanses not just the physical body but also cleanses us on all 4 levels. Bathing can wash away the stresses and strains of the day, any negative emotions we might be holding onto and can refresh us, soothe us, revitalise us and energise us. Placing Crystals in the bath will absorb any negative energy or emotions. In addition the healing energies of the crystal will be directed to where it is intended. Aventurine is an effective crystal for use in the bath. Good "all round" crystals like Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst are also great for use at bath times.

4. In Meditation Practice

The energy structure of crystal naturally imparts a stillness and order to the subtle body system, which in turn helps to quieten the mind. Problems are issues that have not yet been resolved by normal thought processes. By altering our way of thinking away from everyday issues a solution can automatically arise. Crystals can be placed in front of you in meditation practice of they can be held in the hands.

5. Placed around the Home or Workplace for space clearing and room cleansing

Crystal are able to alter the energy of a space, enlivening the atmosphere and neutralizing negative energies. Crystals can add harmony to any space. There is no hard and fast rule as to where you should place your crystals. You should use your intuition. Raw Crystals and Crystal Clusters have a better ability over small single crystals to retain their own energy integrity. Because of this they are able to retain more negative energy before they need to be cleansed again.

6. Counteracting Environmental Pollution

Every day our bodies are subjected to harm from everyday substances. This is known as Environmental Stress. Substances like plastics, electricity, radio and microwaves have harmful effects. These substances increase the stress loading on our systems making us more susceptible to Illness and Disease. The earth has a natural electromagnetic field called the geomagnetic field. Man-made substances can reduce this ambient Earth Energy by shielding it, or by setting up stronger electromagnetic resonances that may interfere with natural frequencies. Electrical devices in the home and workplace create a powerful electromagnetic field around itself. This can cause a problem of entrainment in a person who is run down or susceptible. Entrainment is when the natural frequencies of the body become enmeshed with a stronger set of frequencies from an outside force. Crystals can be used to amplify personal energy fields which may counteract the affects of environmental polution. The use of crystals is becoming quite popular in modern offices where computers, artificial lighting, air conditiioning, metal furniture and nylon carpets can be disastrous for the energy system.

7. Making Gem Essences

Gem elixirs, also called crystal essences or crystal waters, have been used by many throughout the ages. They are a convenient way to use the vibrational energies of the crystals for crystal healing, magick, and more. They are easy to make and can be stored for later use. You can use one crystal, several, or even several different types to make a gem elixir. Using multiple types creates a synergy blend, which is useful for bringing together the vibrations of several stones as more than the sum of the parts, so to speak.

I recommend creating gem elixirs using what is called the indirect method, and I outline it below. This method is the safest for all crystal types because the elixir waters do not come in direct contact with the stones used. The direct method -- where the stones are placed directly in the water -- can be potentially dangerous if the stones used have components that may be toxic. Personally, I prefer to avoid creating potential health issues by using only the indirect method, as it seems contrary to the point of bringing in beneficial energies.

To prepare, you will need:

•The crystal(s) whose energies you want to imbue the elixir with

•Optionally, additional crystals of the same type(s( or quartz crystals to assist with charging the elixir

•Two clean glass or food-safe glazed ceramic containers that fit one inside the other with some room between the smaller container and the larger one (A glass bowl and a smaller sealable glass bottle or jar that will hold the crystals work well.)

•Two clean, dark colored glass bottles, dark blue or brown work well. one larger and one smaller for the finished crystal essence

•A clean glass dropper - Either to fit the smaller bottle, or it can be separate.) •Spring water or distilled water. Some prefer rain water they have collected.

•Vodka (80 proof or higher) or vinegar (any variety) as a preservative and to “fix” the crystal vibrations

•A calm, centered state of mind

•Sunlight, moonlight or a dedicated sacred space - This may be outdoors or in a window that gets sun or moon light, or it may be on your personal altar or other sacred space.

To make the elixir:

•Clear the crystals you will be using. You may also charge them if you wish.

•Take your prepared crystals and other items to the place you will make the elixir.

•Center yourself and clear your mind of concerns as much as possible. Prayer, breath techniques or meditation can help with this.

•State your intent for the elixir out loud. Ask the Divine and the crystals themselves for assistance with making this elixir for the highest good of all concerned.

•Place the larger container you will be using to charge the water with the crystal energy where you will be creating the gem elixir.

•Place the crystal(s) in the smaller glass container. Seal it if possible. (Alternately, the larger container can hold the crystals and the smaller container the elixir -- just reverse the instructions about the containers below if you wish to do it that way.)

•Place the smaller container in the larger container. Be sure the smaller container is stable and will not fall over.

•Carefully pour as much water into the larger container s you can without allowing any of the water to get into the smaller container.

•Optional: Arrange the additional crystals or quartz crystals around the outside of the container, pointing in toward the container.

•State your intent and ask for divine guidance and crystal assistance again, for the highest good of all concerned.

•Leave the containers in the sunlight, moonlight or sacred space for four or more hours.

•Afterward, remove the inner container and carefully pour the charged water from the larger container, called stock or mother essence of the gem elixir, into the larger of your bottles, filling it halfway.

•Fill the bottle the rest of the way with the vodka or vinegar for preservative and seal it.

•Add a small portion of the preserved mother essence gem elixir to the smaller bottle for immediate use. You can use using spring or distilled water if desired to dilute it or you may use it straight.

•Thank the Divine and the crystal(s) for helping create this elixir.

•Clean everything used and store safely for future use. You may dispose of the water the crystals were in using any safe method.

Crystal waters can be made the same way for immediate use only, with only one bottle for storage and do not add the preservative. These crystal essences can be stored for a few days in the refrigerator in a sealed container, but should be used quickly. You may also charge the waters with Reiki or Seichim energy for healing, if you wish. Soft stones should not be placed in water as they may dissolve or "melt". Anything with a mohs hardness of 4 is likely to dissolve. You can check regarding the hardness of the stones you wish to use by looking them up at or For softer stones, rather than using water to hold them, you may tape them to the container where the stock or mother water is being made, or you may put them inside a bowl or container the mother water container is put in.

8. Used in Aura Cleansing

The Aura is an energy field that surrounds the body and can be charged or cleansed by wearing Crystal Jewellery like a Crystal or Gemstone Bracelet or Pendant, and indeed placing a crystal in the environment like carrying a crystal in your pocket. The frequency and duration with which a crystal is worn/carried or handled determines the level of attunement which is attainable with that crystal. Attuning to a crystal facilitates the energizing of ones aura with the energies contained within the crystal. The Aura can be scanned with a crystal in order to determine the energy blockages and to check for the existence of auric holes which allow the drain of energy from the physical body. Crystals have also been successfully used to cleanse and stabilise the aura. Directing the crystal towards the auric field in a sweeping like motion from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top of the auric body; both a pre-determined direction and an intended receiving source for any negativity are recommended. In addition to the Quartz Crystal, one will be guided by the intuitive self to the additional crystals which are suitable for balancing, cleansing, stabilizing, and scanning and correcting any problematic areas in the aura.

9. The Laying on of Stones on the body for Chakra Clearing

How to Open and Clean Your Chakras with Crystals (By Lourdes Lebron)

Chakras are energy centers located in the human body. Each individual chakra corresponds to organs and glands in a particular area of the body. It is believed that they are the store holders of your emotional experiences. These centers can become clogged or sluggish with the stress and drama of everyday life. If a center becomes stuck with “gunk” your emotional, mental, and physical well-being will start to suffer. Think of chakras as rechargeable batteries. If you continuously recharge them they will function well, but if you let them run out of “juice” they will not function and will take a much longer time to recharge. In order to clean the chakras, I suggest using a Clear Quartz pendulum. Although this is my crystal of choice, you can also use Selenite, Optical Calcite or any other clear or white crystal that resonates with you. To begin with, it is easier to have a partner help you (and both of you can enjoy the experience). If one is not available you can still use this method, but instead of lying down on your back, you may feel more comfortable sitting up. Although I suggest crystals to use for each chakra after the cleansing, please feel free to experiment and work with whichever mineral you feel resonates best with your body. For example, an Amethyst may feel better for the Sacral chakra instead of an orange crystal. Honor your body and use whatever feels right. To start cleaning the chakras, I suggest starting at the top of the head where the Crown chakra lies. Take your pendulum and hold it 6 - 12 inches over the energy center. Let it spin naturally over this chakra. If you are working on a man, the pendulum may spin clockwise first. This is fine and for a man this is the direction it spins as it cleans. For women, it will spin counter-clockwise as it turns round. After a while, the crystal will change direction. The reason it changes direction is because, after the crystal cleans the chakra, it then has to replace that energy with fresh energy. It does this as it spins in the opposite direction. After it stops spinning, I suggest placing an Amethyst (or Clear Quartz) at the top of the head to help seal in the energy. The next chakra to work on is the Third Eye chakra, in the center of the forehead. For this energy center and the ones that follow it, there will be no difference in the direction the pendulum swings for either sex. It will spin counter-clockwise to take stuff out and the opposite direction to place energy in. After it stops, I like to enrich this chakra with a piece of Lapis Lazuli or Dumortierite. The Throat chakra at the base of your throat is the next stop for you pendulum. Again, it will spin counter-clockwise to take stagnant energy out and spin in the clockwise direction when it puts positive energy in. Blue Lace Agate and Blue Calcite are great crystals for this energy center. The energy center that comes next is the Heart chakra and it is in the center of the chest. Let the pendulum spin as it may. Once the directions shift and it finishes moving, you can place a green stone like Aventurine or Tourmaline. If you prefer a pink crystal, you can use Morganite orRose Quartz. The subsequent chakra is the Solar Plexus. This energy center is in the middle of the abdominal region. The pendulum can be used once more and after it is done you can place a piece of Amber, Citrine, or Yellow Calcite on this chakra. The Sacral chakra is the next energy center to be cleaned. Once the pendulum is done, you can use a Carnelian, Red Tiger Eye, or Red Aventurine to color this energy center. The last chakra to be worked on is the Base or Root chakra. The pendulum is used again and, just like before, it will change direction as it replaces the energy taken out with new clean energy. I like to use Rubies, Black Tourmaline, Jet, and Red Jasper on this area. Now that the chakras are done, I suggest waiting 5 -10 minutes to let the energy settle. When the person worked on is ready to get up, you may wish to offer the person grounding food like protein or chocolate to eat. I suggest drinking lots of water after a chakra cleaning to keep moving toxins out of the energy bodies. For many of you cleaning the front of the chakras is enough to see a significant difference. For others, you may need to clean the same chakras on the back side of the body. When doing the back of the body, you would have a person lie down on their stomach or sit up on a backless chair. The energy centers are found directly opposite of the front ones and you would follow the same process as above. You can do both sides the same day or on alternate days when in a time crunch. I suggest doing this routine once a month to keep the chakras running smoothly and functioning well. If you are under much more stress, you may wish to do this more often. When feeling ill, I recommend cleaning the chakras to help remove any energetic blockages that may be contributing to the physical dis-ease. Experiment with this method and try different crystals to see what brings you the best results.

(Bibliography: Eden, Donna. Energy Medicine. New York: Penguin, 2008 , The Crystal Bible. Judy Hall )

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