Apache Tear Obsidian Tumbled Crystal

Apache Tear Obsidian Tumbled Crystal

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Apache Tear Obsidian Tumbled Crystal 

Your Crystal will be consciously selected by myself just for you, all of these natural stones are approx 3-4cms each, you will receive one cleansed and charged crystal.

Keywords: Grounding + Protection + Enjoyment of the physical + Emotional cleansing.

Sun Sign: Scorpio + Sagittarius

Elements: Earth + Fire

Chakras: Root + Sacral + Heart

Affirmation: I affirm that the Earth is my home, that I am grounded, safe and protected and I release any words or negativity that might hold back my spiritual growth.

Meaning and Uses: Metaphysically, Apache tears are believed to help one to establish and maintain a deep connection with Mother Earth and encourage strength, courage and hope in the face of adversity. If forgiveness is not your strong suit, an Apache tear could serve as your aid. They are said to make it easier for one to both forgive and receive forgiveness from others. Apache tears may dispel negative energy present in the environment and one’s emotions and provide protection from psychic attacks and being taken advantage of. They may help to break any repetitive egocentric and negative patterns that you tend to get caught up in and create quite a radical change in behavior as these negative influences are replaced by positive attitudes. In other words, they might be considered a cleansing and healing stone. Many believe that they bring good luck, and wear or carry them during business endeavors to promote success. Being excellent meditation stones, they may also increase psychic powers and produce clear vision. Not surprisingly, they are associated with the root chakra. They are also associated with the astrological signs of Aries and Capricorn and the month of November.

Crystal healers assert that Apache tears detoxify and fortify the physical body, calm muscle spasms, and enhance the immune system and vitamin absorption. They may also provide benefits for those suffering from clinical depression and ailments of the intestines, stomach and finger or toenails.

Please note: Using Crystals should never be a replacement for actual medical advice, I am not a doctor however as a Crystal Healer I believe using crystals can be used with your medical advice for extra support and empower your lives and experiences in many ways, all advice is based on personal knowledge, expert advice from other sources including reputable reference books and personal experiences only, personal results may vary.