Atlantisite Tumbled Crystal

Atlantisite Tumbled Crystal

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Tumbled Atlantisite Crystal

Your Crystal will be consciously selected by myself just for you, all of these natural stones are approx 2-3cms each, you will receive one cleansed and charged crystal.

Keywords: Kundalini Activation + Love + Forgiveness + Compassion

Sun Sign: Gemini + Scorpio + Virgo

Element: Wind

Chakras: Heart + Crown + Root

Affirmation: I release my fears and judgements, liberating my heart to love without limit.

Meaning and Uses: This stone is a unique, rare and fairly new addition to crystals. Found only in Tasmania, it’s a combination stone consisting of Serpentine & Stichtite.. A powerful Ascension stone as it bring peace & tranquility vital for enlightenment. Activates the Kundalini serpent fire within stimulating psychic ability & showing one their infinite potential. Retrieves lost information from ancient Lemurian & Egyptian civilization. This knowledge is reintegrated, then creates a sense of wholeness & universal connectivity. The illusion of separation, good & bad, light & dark is removed to show the truth of creation in oneness. Here we become aware & learn the power of thought. Meditating with Atlantisite results in the understanding of your limitless self & manifestation abilities. This stone clears trauma scars from the self & Earth transforming residual negative energy into new positive growth. The healing strength of Atlantisite is unlimited it draws energy into the body from both Earth & star clearing all chakras & neutralising all attachments. Atlantisite holds the vibration of angelic love which strengthens & protects the bodies light pillar allowing rapid spiritual growth. Beneficial for all ailments especially stress, pain relief, detoxification & mineral absorption.

Please note: Using Crystals should never be a replacement for actual medical advice, I am not a doctor however as a Crystal Healer I believe using crystals can be used with your medical advice for extra support and empower your lives and experiences in many ways, all advice is based on personal knowledge, expert advice from other sources including reputable reference books and personal experiences only, personal results may vary.