WHOLESALE PRICE! Blue Calcite Tumbled Crystal

WHOLESALE PRICE! Blue Calcite Tumbled Crystal

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Tumbled Blue Calcite Crystal..

Your Crystal will be consciously selected by myself just for you, all of these natural stones are approx 2-3cms each, you will receive one cleansed and charged crystal. 

Gemstone meaning: Boosts Psychic Gifts, Healing & Dream Recall

Blue Calcite are excellent stones to aid the development of your psychic gifts and may enhance your creativity, and are particularly useful healing stones for when you are recovering from illness. They are helpful healing crystals for you to utilize with a number of good healing attributes and are known as an excellent asset to aid the healing of pain, particularly in the bones and joints. Like other types of calcite, this variety helps to boost the flow of energy within your body, and will help to clear negative vibrations from its vicinity, so its good to keep close by. It is a wonderful stone to stimulate meaningful dreams and it may help you to remember them. It also has a specific type of protective energy that makes it a beneficial stone to have in your home or business, to discourage those who may wish to steal from you.

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of various types of energies. This transparent crystal can be found in a variety of colors and forms. including clear, green, pink, orange and blue. All calcites emanate a gentle energy - cleansing, revitalizing. Calcite opens energy channels. Calcite stimulates the Fire Element to assist in moving blocked energy through the chakras.

Zodiac/s: Pisces + Cancer 

Chakra: Throat