WHOLESALE PRICE! Carnelian Crystal Chip Bracelet

WHOLESALE PRICE! Carnelian Crystal Chip Bracelet

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Carnelian Stretch Crystal Chip Bracelet, measuring 21cms round unstretched (stretches out quite large to fit over the wrist) the chips are Approx 0.3 - 0.6 cms each.

Carnelian Overview: Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action

Chakras: Base, sacral, solar plexus

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Leo

Carnelian Crystal Healing Properties: Carnelian is a stone of action, helping us to ‘take the leap’ and manifest our thoughts and desires. It helps one to overcome fear and to embrace change and transformation. It is a stone of leadership and courage. Carnelian strengthens and fortifies the physical body, bringing vitality and detoxification.