WHOLESALE PRICE! Cats Eye Palm Stone

WHOLESALE PRICE! Cats Eye Palm Stone

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Cats Eye Palm Stone 

Measurements: approx 7x5x2cms  (LxWxH)

Gemstone meaning: Discipline + Concentration + Learning  

The planetary powers encompassed in cat’s eye stone make it effective and fast in its results. It is a stone that represents discipline, concentration, and learning ability in its wearer. Wearing cat’s eye gemstone is strongly recommended to ward off the evils from your life. It acts as a talisman or a psychic force to protect you from any unforeseen danger. Natural cat’s eye stone brings wealth and prosperity in life. As per Vedic astrology, this gemstone can also help you to regain your wealth lost by any means. Even the declining businesses can recover with the aid of cat’s eye gemstone properties. It is a gem that assures you professional success. It takes you on the path of spiritual awakening as an evangelist. Also, cat’s eye gemstone helps one to get isolated from worldly pleasures and desires. Cat’s eye gemstone properties also include its exceptional healing powers that can stimulate crown chakra in your body. This gemstone helps you to recover from post traumatic conditions. It can aid in cancer healing as well. In its pure and natural form, cat’s eye stone relieves you from anxiety and stress. It gives you hope and a positive attitude towards life. Cat’s eye can also bestow you with self confidence and creativity. It enhances the memory and broadens your perspective in life.