Copper Flower of Life Grid Plate

Copper Flower of Life Grid Plate

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This Hand crafted copper flower of life plate measures 22cms in squared.

Each gorgeous copper plate is hand crafted in India. The copper grid is engraved with the Flower of Life sacred geometry pattern. Charge your crystals, stones, jewelry, or sacred items within the sacred geometry pattern. Combining Sacred Geometry and the metaphysical properties of copper in one piece to hold and display your crystals makes this a very versatile piece.  

Also use this piece as a crystal grid, not only will your grid base be amazing it will keep your crystals charged during the duration of you grid.

The Flower of Life is a sacred power symbol which activates energy coding in the mind, helping one to access the light body. It is considered to be a wholly integrated expression of God, or All-That-Is..


The Flower of Life is a perfect metaphor illustrating the connect of all life and spirit within the universe. It is considered sacred among many cultures, both ancient and modern, throughout the world.