K2 Jasper Tumbled Crystal

K2 Jasper Tumbled Crystal

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K2 Jasper Tumbled Crystal 

You stone will be consciously picked just for you, ranging from 2-3cms each...

Keywords: Balance + Harmony + Power 

Although K2 Jasper is the most commonly used name for this beautiful rock, it is not actually jasper. Afghanite, If you examine it with a magnifying glass, you will see feldspar minerals and black flakes of Biotite. (The blue dots are Azurite and the green is Malachite).

This is a newly found and quite unusual stone which takes its name from it’s home in the foothills of the worlds second highest mountain, Mount K2 in Pakistan.

K2 is believed to grant us access to the Akashic Records and is a valuable stone for those engaged in soul retrieval. It is a relatively rare, high vibrational stone.

Among other attributes it is said to be a wonderful connector of people bringing together groups into harmony and encouraging balanced, harmonious communication amongst individuals.

It is also said to help us to have more control over our own emotions and to feel more centred and balanced emotionally.