Pink Aragonite Tumbled Medium Crystal

Pink Aragonite Tumbled Medium Crystal

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Tumbled Pink Aragonite Crystal

Your Crystal will be consciously selected by myself just for you, all of these natural stones are approx 2-3cms rounded each, you will receive one cleansed and charged crystal.

Keywords: Balancing Energy + Emotional Healing + Renewed Strength and Confidence

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Element: Storm

Chakras: All

Affirmation: I create balance and harmony within myself as I go forward with the healing of my emotional body.

Meaning and Uses: Aragonite is at once soothing and energising. It facilitates the gentle opening and cleansing of the chakras and activation of the auric field. It encourages the expression of ones energy in words, the arts or other communication channels. Aragonite assists with emotional growth and self healing, while encouraging us to find the calm centre in our hearts.

Please note: Using Crystals should never be a replacement for actual medical advice, I am not a doctor however as a Crystal Healer I believe using crystals can be used with your medical advice for extra support and empower your lives and experiences in many ways, all advice is based on personal knowledge, expert advice from other sources including reputable reference books and personal experiences only, personal results may vary.