Rose Gold Crystal Water Bottle

Rose Gold Crystal Water Bottle

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Aqua Aura water bottle  - Rose Gold

**No Crystals Included**

Raise your vibration and enhance your aura by allowing crystal energy infused water to bring healing energies and inspiration to your everyday life.

These bottles are cleansed with sound and crystal energy of pure quartz singing bowls and charged under the full moon

simply unscrew the bottom of the water bottle and fill with tumbled or crystal chips.

Choose your elixir from the seven chakras:

CROWN - Amethyst (Spirituality + Meditation)

THIRD EYE - Lapis Lazuli (Peace + Truth)

THROAT - Aquamarine (Truth + Courage)

HEART - Rose Quartz (Love + Kindness)

SOLAR PLEXUS - Citrine (Abundance + Protection)

SACRAL - Carnelian (Creativity + Motivation)

ROOT - Black Onyx (Grounding + Protection)

Harness the Power of crystal vibrations to bring positive energy to your everyday wellbeing. Aqua Aura bottle is crafted from borosilicate glass that is BPA, BPS, BPF and PVC free.

Crystal capsule can be opened and gems can be interchanged.