Shungite Tumbled Crystal

Shungite Tumbled Crystal

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Tumbled Shungite Crystal

Your Crystal will be consciously selected by myself just for you, all of these natural stones are approx 2-2.5cms each, you will receive one cleansed and charged crystal. 

Keywords: Cleansing + Purification + Infusion + Adherence To Truth

Sun Sign/s: Cancer + Scorpio + Capricorn

Element/s: Fire + Wind + Storm

Chakra/s: All

Affirmation: I open myself to absolute purification and to the entry of light into every atom of my being.

Meaning an Uses: Gemstone meaning: Shungite is very old, ancient in fact, said to be around 2 billion years old. It is an extraordinarily positive stone, and using it may bring you a variety of blessings. This is an amazing stone, and one that is beneficial to a healthy life.
It is one of the only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants, Fullerenes were brought to our attention when research on them gained the scientists a Nobel prize. This is because the fullerenes in this stone will cleanse water then infuse it with a potent healing vibration. The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life, and it has active metaphysical properties with strong healing powers. It will help anyone who wishes to do magical and mystical practices, as its deep primordial energy brings ancient spirits into the process in a protective role. It is said to infuse the auric field with light, and it allows only positive and beneficial energy to reach you. Its ancient energy also provides psychic protection. It is said to aid those who read the future and will help to emphasize the gift of prophecy. They are highly beneficial EMF protection crystals, that are said to remove hazardous electromagnetic emissions that come from microwaves, wi-fi and many other electronic devices. 

Please note: Using Crystals should never be a replacement for actual medical advice, I am not a doctor however as a Crystal Healer I believe using crystals can be used with your medical advice for extra support and empower your lives and experiences in many ways, all advice is based on personal knowledge, expert advice from other sources including reputable reference books and personal experiences only, personal results may vary for each person.