Song of India - Natural Henna Powder

Song of India - Natural Henna Powder

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Deluxe ‘Song of India’ Brand Natural Henna Powder Temporary Tattooing / Hair Dye Kit...
(No Artificial Dyes Added)

In ancient times Henna was used for temporary Tattooing and body art in India. You can creat intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body, especially the hands and feet. It is completely natural, non permanent and painless.

This Kit is of the highest quality imported straight from India, it contains 100% Natural Henna powder specially prepared from hand-picked Henna leaves from the Rajasthan region of India.
This kit can be used as a Tattooing Kit or Hair Dye Kit or both!
The natural colour imparted is dark, leaving behind a tan-orange to a reddish-brown colour. One of its many benefits is that it prevents premature greying of hair when used as a hair dye.
It is widely used for hair nourishment and goes a long way in making hair shiny and smooth, the colour effect on your skin or hair will depend upon your skin type and the duration of the Henna application - 1-3 hours.

Each Unopened Boxed Kit Contains:
1 x 100g Henna Powder
1 x 2ml Henna Oil
2 x Henna Stencils
2 x Application Cones
2 x Protective Gloves
1 x Plastic Cap
1 x Instruction Leaflet